The Lineage Platform begins with an infinitely reproducible cell line. Using our in-house manufacturing abilities and guided differentiation IP, we are able to direct pluripotent cells to become specialized cell types found in the human body, many of which have potential applications in transplant medicine.

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Expansion Differentiation Development


  • Product development starts from a frozen vial of self-renewing stem cells
  • These pluripotent cells can become any cell type in the body provided with the correct biological stimuli


  • Lineage’s proprietary process, honed from decades of institutional experience, creates only the cell type which is desired
  • No alterations are made to the cell’s DNA
  • In-house process development creates a path to commercial-scale cGMP production from a single vial of cells


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  • Value is created through developing and implementing commercially-viable product attributes
  • Pipeline expands by broadening indications or adding additional cell types